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Body Listening is the bodywork practice of Diana Scammell, NC licensed massage therapist (LMBT #1445) and registered craniosacral therapist (RCST).

Where there is pain, disease, and/or dysfunction, there is usually a source of tension creating compression, constriction, or restriction of some vital force or structure., i.e., breath, blood, nerve, muscle, organ or connective tissue.  The tension may have its orgin in physical or emotional injury.  Or it can be a result of stress overloading the systems of the body.

I will work with you in a way that is safe, supportive, and healing that will allow your body to release tension naturally.

I use a variety of techniques to facilitate the release of tension:

CranioSacral Therapy,

Therapeutic massage,


Massage Cupping,

Access Bars.

I invite you to explore the rest of the site where there is additional information on these techniques and other useful information.

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